In my bag

What I can‘t live without, and is always whit me!

This is my little touch me up bag.

It's a small bag so it always fit into awerything.

It got perfume, to earplugs, gum, face mist, and somthing for my lips!

My lips can get really dry, so I always need moisturizing and my Elizabeth Arden 8 houar cream stick that I absolutley love and can't leave the house whitout it.

The face mist is from Eleni and chris and it's the perfekt touch me up for dull and tired skin!

I never go anywhere if i don't have my perfume or my hand cream. Just the thouth of forgeting it makes me dizzy. Always need to smell fresh and moisturizing is a must in this norwegian klima.

Always in my bag is:

Camera lens for my iPhone

Perfume from chanel

Lip balm from the body shop ( i use it for blush)

Isadora mattifying powder (anti-shine in color matte beige)

L'occitane lip balm (color: rose plum)

Eleni and Chris face mist

Elizabeth Arden 8 houar cream stick


Hand cream from Creme Mains